Video Production

3D Animation

Animation was my primary focus at KOLR/KSFX. Producing news opens, commercials, and logo animations for the production, and promotion departments.

My animation with O'Reilly came as a bonus to them. I transferred to the training department to help with video production, but I quickly integrated my animation skills to update, and introduce new training programs and videos.

Larry the Leprechaun

Larry was built as a way to teach myself character animation. His body was already built, but not articulated. I modeled his shirt, hat, and hair. The texture mapping is all done by myself as well.

After his creation, his dancing had caught the attention of even the presidents of the company. Since then, his adventures and dancing have become a highlight of O'Reilly's annual Managers' Conference.

Breast Cancer Wellness provides support and information for breast cancer survivors and their families. Every year they take a group cruise. This is the promotional video for the 2012 Thrivers Cruise


This is the highlight video from the 2012 Cruise.